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      Kashmir : Tourism in Pahalgam

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Tourism in Pahalgam

Tourism in Pahalgam is famous for its natural beauty and is the jewel of the charming valley of Lidder located in the high Himalayas. Pahalgam is located in the west of Jammu and Kashmir. While the summers are soft, the winters are cold. It tests rains between July and September and experiences heavy snowfalls from December to February. .

The best time for tourism in Pahalgam is between mid-April and mid-November. The city is crowded with pilgrims during July-August, for the visit to the holy cave of Amarnath. There is no airport or a station in Pahalgam. The nearest airport is in Srinagar which is 95 kms from Pahalgam. However, the city is well acquainted with the roadways. The tourists can hire a taxi or can travel by bus to reach the location. Alternatively, you can also rent the ponies and the horses who can guide you to explore areas in and around Pahalgam. The hotels here offer the best services and equipments making your holidays more enthralling..

Tourism in Pahalgam means a bundle of recreational activities, adventure sports, sightseeing and pilgrimage. It provides an ideal place for the activities like trekking, mountaineering, skiing, camping sites and fishing. Pahalgam is also the starting point of the annual pilgrimage to the holy cave of Amarnath. Sledging with the frozen glaciers is also offered to the people visiting Pahalgam. You are also allowed make long turns in the jungles and explore the rich flora and fauna. A popular voyage towards Chandanwari and Lake Sheshnag can also be undertaken. A certain probability of transporting by raft of white-water is also available in the river of Lidder.

The scenic beauty of Pahalgam and the green valley of Lidder attracts the traveller towards it. The river has certain number of picnic spots around it. Pahalgam is perhaps, the only known saffron producing city in Asia. Pahalgam also provides an exhilarating site of the powerful range of the Himalayas, it abundant green forests of pine and snow-capped peaks. There are many destinations of tourist interest. Among them are the increasing pastures of Baisaran. The enormous meadows surrounded by the abundantly wood forests of pine present a beautiful spectacle. Apart from this, there is Hajan, a popular picnic spot and a famous location for film shoots.

The Pahalgam valley has eight tiny villages inside it. One of the villages has an ancient temple of Lord Shiva it was built during the 5th century. The other popular nearby attractions include the temple at Martand and the tomb at the Aishmuqam. You can also visit the Aru meadows in the proximity, at the time of tourism in Pahalgam.

Even today, the splendid village of Pahalgam is intact and is making progress in the tourism industry year after year. Pahalgam is counted as one of the ‘must visit’ places of Jammu and Kashmir. Once ruled by Mughals and later by the Hindu kings, this princely state continues to exist since the medieval period. The best feature of tourism in Pahalgam is the memorable hospitality offered by the people here.



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