Kashmir : Tourism in Leh & Ladakh

      Kashmir : Tourism in Leh & Ladakh

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Tourism in Leh & Ladakh

The world’s powerful mountain, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram, surrounding the land, like no other, makes Ladakh a famous destination for tourism. Ladakh is diagonally located near the chain of Ladakh and the chain of Zanskar. .

The people travelling to Ladakh can hardly find similarities between the people whom they left and those in Ladakh. The physical attributes and clothing they wear is closely related to those of Tibet and Central Asia that of India. The major population of Ladakh is mainly of Tibetan origin and are the followers of Buddhism. Monastic and other religious festivals, which fall in winter, provide the excuse for convivial gatherings. The favourite pastimes of summer in Ladakh are shooting with the arc and adventure sports, those often accompanied by the dance and the song, during which ‘chang’, the local brew made from the fermented barley, pours in freely. .

Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is recognized for its historic monuments and sightseeing for the visitors. The itinerary of tourism Ladakh includes many places of tourist interests. Some of them are the royal capital of the Old Kingdom, built about half a century later by King Singge Namgyal. It reveals the grand tradition of the Tibetan architecture. The palace is surrounded by a fort and temples which are opened only during the morning and evening hours. The main locations to visit in the historic bazaar are Jo-khang, a Buddhist temple and Chang Gali, a little shop selling jewellery. Tibetan markets are mainly known for various precious and semi-precious stones like pearls, turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli etc. The restaurants in the city are located near the gardens or on the sidewalks and serve local, Tibetan, Indian and Continental cuisine.

The Buddhist gompas (monasteries) are the one of the must see venues during the tour of Ladakh. The Indus Valley is the historic heartland and has famous monuments like the Leh Palace and the Shey Palace. But the jewel among the Ladakh’s monastic foundations is Alchi which has been affectionately maintained by the monks of Likir. The monasteries of Ladakh are the mirrors of Buddhist religion and culture. People visiting the monasteries are advised to respect and appreciate the heritage importance. You are supposed to remove your shoes before entering some of the temples. Females are not allowed to enter the guardian’s room and smoking is strictly prohibited here.

The famous sightseeing locations and adventurous events like mountain climbing expeditions, hard trekking, white-water rafting etc increases tourism in Ladakh every year. These adventure sports are quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It offers many options for undertaking exploration activities amidst backdrop of amazing rough beauty. The members are required to be trained before actually participating in the events, while the arrangement should be assigned to a trustworthy professional agency. A rescue backup is an extremely important factor during these events.

The core hubs for receiving tourism information in Ladakh are the J&K Tourist Offices at Leh & Kargil. These offices help the visitors to prepare a detailed schedule to different tourist locations which suites their pockets, preferences and time.


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