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Trekking forms an integral part of the adventure sports flourishing in the hilly tracts of Jammu and Kashmir. However, Ladakh takes away the prize of being a trekker's paradise despite of its harsh weather conditions and snowfall. It is only recently that adventure tourism has got its long-due attention from the tourism industry but now, a considerable part of the tourists who visit Kashmir like to trek, if just to glimpse at its matchless natural beauty.

Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir is a thrilling and exciting experience for any adventure enthusiast. The Ski Club of India was established in Gulmarg in 1927, which is now considered as the ski paradise of India. Just 50 km from Srinagar, situated at an altitude of 2,730 m, Gulmarg changes its scenery from a flowery meadow to that pf a small ski resort in winters..

India is fast emerging as a major aero-sports destination because of its long Himalayan range that offers opportunities for activities like Para Sailing, Para Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning, and Para Jumping. Though, it will still take some time for the state of Jammu and Kashmir to gain popularity as a hand-gliding landmark, yet the location of a flat valley surrounded by high mountains is an ideal terrain for hang-gliding.

Kashmir Valley offers verdant golf courses at Srinagar and Gulmarg, where one can play golf all through the summer, stretching from April to November. Bordered by trees of Chinar and Pine, one may play for longer hours here than in the plains because of the lower temperatures and invigorating climate. .

River Rafting
The valley of Kashmir is as famous for its rivers and lakes as it is for its beautiful mountains. More than just an object of beauty, the waterways offer activity-oriented leisure sports too. While the more sedentary ones may opt for a Shikara boat ride, which have sprung-cushion seats and chintz curtains, on the Dal and Nagin lakes in Srinagar, the others may opt for motorboats or go for water skiing.

Mountain Climbing
Mountain climbing is one of the most popular adventure sports of Jammu and Kashmir. Boasting of some of the best peaks of Himalayan and Alpine mountain ranges, the four regions into which the mountains can be grouped are - Kashmir, Kishtwar, Zanskar and Ladakh.

Set in a picturesque setting of Himalayas, Amar Mahal Museum and Library, is an epitome of royal grandeur and magnificence.It is a repository of books and paintings and attracts art lovers and historians from all over the world. The museum building forms the major part of the majestic Amar Palace, which has a French touch in its architectural style.

Chrar-e-Sharief is a shrine revered by both Muslims and Hindus dedicated to Sheikh Nooruddin, who was arguably the greatest mystic-saint of Kashmir. The Islamic militants burned it down in 1995 at the behest of Pakistan. An example of the composite culture of Kashmir, the Sheikh was born as Nund Reshi or Sahazanand in 1377.

Hari Parbat Fort
The Mughal fort situated on the banks of the Dal Lake of Srinagar, it is positioned on top of the Sharika Hill. Originally, it was built during the reign of Akbar but its present structure owes itself to the Afghan governor of Kashmir in the 18th century.It has a Parvati temple on the western slope and the Muslim shrines of Khwaja Makhdoom Sahib and Akhund Mullah Shah on the southern one.

Martand Sun Temple
The most memorable and beautiful work of King Lalitaditya is the construction of spacious Martand temple, which the emperor got built in honor of the Sun God or Bhaskar. Lalitaditya was a Kshatriya of Surya (Solar) dynasty. The style of the construction of the temple and the skill exhibited in its construction is rare in the history of the world.

Sudh Mahadev Temple
Situated in the town of Chanhani in the western part of the Jammu, the Sacred Temple of Sudhmahadev was constructed by Chaudhari Ramdas of Chanhani and his son Chaudhari Parag Mahajan about 80 years ago. Shri Masu Shahane of Sudhmahadev is said to have constructed the entrance door of the temple of Sudhmahadev.

Thicksey Monastery
Situated at an altitude of 3600 m above sea level, the monastery of Tiksey is situated about 20 km far from the town of Leh and ranks among the most important monasteries in Ladakh. It is the seat of Tiksey Rinpoche, the main leader of the Gelug School in Ladakh and is the main and leading monastery for more than ten other famous Ladakhi monasteries such as Diskit, Spituk, Likir, and Stok.


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