People of Kashmir : Kashmiris

      People of Kashmir : Kashmiris

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People of Kashmir : Kashmiris

Kashmir is called the Heaven on earth and is incredibly beautiful because of its lakes, valleys and mountain ranges. People over here, are very simple, with multi-coloured cultures. Kashmiri women are very famous for their beauty with their rosy pink complexion. People belong to different regions and different religions like: Islam, Hindu, Buddhism and many more. Mainly the languages spoken here are English, Hindi and Urdu..

Kashmiris are rich in their tradition and have the wealth of ancient literature, language, arts, and crafts, music, and Kashmiri folk dances. Among the popular Kashmiri dances they perform, few of them are ‘Hafiza’ dance, performed during marriage ceremonies; ‘Bacha Nagma’ performed during harvest season, ‘Roul, Dogri’ etc.

Kashmiri costumes are somewhat different than others. Kashmiris prefer embroidered clothes. Mainly ‘Pheran’ and ‘Poots’ are worn by Kashmiri women, it consists of two gowns, one on top of the other. In case of Hindu woman it falls to the feet and in case of Muslim woman it is worn up to the knees. Other costumes include a white turban tied on skull cap, a close-fitting salwar and lace less shoes called ‘Gurgabi’. Hindu men wear ‘churidar’ pyjama while Muslim men wear salwar and skull caps.

Kashmiri women love to wear jewellery at their headgear, ears, necks, and arms. Ornament which pleases Kashmiri hindu women is ‘Dejharoo’. Most women wear bunches of ear rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Kashmiri people mainly survive on their Agriculture business. Mainly Rice, Indian corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Asparagus, Artichoke and many more crops are grown here. Rice is the main food of the people. Another important business is Art & Crafts business. Embroidery of Kashmir is called ‘Kasida’. As Kashmiri people are very good at knitting, they have very good market for hand-embroidered ‘Pashmina’ shawls, hand woven silk carpets, rugs, kurtas, pottery and much more woven stuff. Last but not the least; very important business is Tourism business. Main attractions of Kashmir are Shrinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Amarnathji Yatra, Sonamarg, Vaishnav devi Mandir, Ladakh.

Festivals celebrated by people in Kashmir include, Raksha Bandhan; on this day Hindu girls tie rakhi to their brothers and give blessings to them. Janamashtami is the festival of Lord Krishna. Vaitha – Vatur – Truvah is also a Hindu festival and which is celebrated in honour of Jhelum River. Muharram is the festival of Kashmiri Muslims. Birthday of GuruNanak, is the festival of Sikhs, Shivratri, Dussehra, Basant Panchami and many more festivals are celebrated over here.

Generally Kashmiri food is spicy with the use of Cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and saffron etc. Both types of people are there, vegetarian and non- vegetarian. Most people are non- vegetarian. Most preferable vegetarian dishes include ‘Dum-aloo’ and ‘Chaman’ and non-vegetarian dishes include Rista (meat balls), Sikh Kababs, Rogan josh, Yakhani and mainly Wazawan (Wedding/party food – big course food). Mutton, chicken or fish are very common Kashmiri meals. The daily delicacies of Kashmiris involve vegetables and meat in the same dish. More over lamb and goat’s meat form a part of many dishes.



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